MSU BioEnergy Cropping Systems
Nov 18th, 2017

Welcome from the BioEnergy and Agronomic Crop Systems Research Team



Research area / Specializations

Dennis Pennington

Extension Specialist and field research

Bill Widdicombe

Field Technician, data management

Lori Williams

Field Technician, data management

Pavani Tumbalam

Lab Techinician and Manager

Todd Martin

Field operations, bioenergy

Andrew Adkins

M.S. student, Switch grass establishment

Kate Hadley

M.S. student, Life Cycle Assessment

Kaite Hard

M.S. Student, Cover crops in Corn silage

Randy Laurenz

M.S. Student, Fatty acid profile in soy beans

Christmas lunch 2012

Christmas Lunch 2012


 Pavani Tumbalam weighing corn biomass


 Andrew Adkins next to his switchgrass harvest study


 Kate Hadley at the Agronomy farm!

Kaite Hard at the Agronomy farm!

Randy Laurenz at the Lab meeting


Lori Williams at a Lab meeting


Bill Widdicombe, technician, assists in the lab with the NIR

Dennis displays a miscanthus rootball

Tim Boring, Ph.D. student helps out with the Crop-O-Rama Quiz Bowl

Stephanie checks out a bunker of biomass

Posing in the lab (L-R) are Kurt; Stephanie Smith, M.S. student; Xinmei Hao, post-doc; Bill Widdicombe, technician; Sarah Kinder, post-doc, and Juan Gao, post-doc


Pavani teaching 4H-children group to make Biodiesel in the lab, July 2012


A few pictures of the lab, Rm # 513